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Friday, July 19, 2024
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RwT has always endeavoured to enhance user satisfaction. A small measure of our success is reflected in the appreciative feedback provided by our patrons. Client responses that contain constructive criticism & suggestions for improvements are important to us too.

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"I am a NRI who is Gulf-based for the past nearly 30 years. Someone referred me to RelaxwithTax (RwT). I just had to make one call to them and end-to-end, they took away the entire burden off my head! I have never come across anyone who offers such excellent personalised client service. Having worked abroad with global giants like Toyota whose success mantra has always been "customer focus", I too have always raised my expectation bar on the customer service standards in every place I travel to. I was pleasantly surprised at this level of interest and initiative expressed by RwT team in dealings with me-- in terms of the personal touch as well as work aspect. I am confident that with this philosophy of customer service, RwT would surely do well for themselves as well as for the clients! As is said in Management, "Do it Right, the first time" ... and RwT did it for me! All the best RelaxwithTax!"

KRISHNAN RAJGOPAL, AGM-Toyota Parts,Muscat, Oman
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